The story of Firebird

Ray Clemmer has been in the Direct Mail business since 1985. He learned it from the ground up. As a well-respected and seasoned professional, he had a vision for a presort business offering an exceptional customer experience. And he had a unique ability to create and execute the necessary strategies to build such an organization. Ray built his dream company, and named it Firebird Presort.

Firebird Presort officially opened its doors on September 5, 2013. In our first year, we got off to a fast start—thanks to our loyal clients and exceptional employees.

Our clients know they can depend on us to make their deadlines, handle it when things don't go quite as expected, and make their jobs as easy as possible. We do the heavy lifting, and we've also been known to pull rabbits out of hats every day.

We're good neighbors, a good employer, and good stewards of our environment.

We're Firebird Presort. Nice to meet you!

Where we're going

Firebird Presort will continue to build on its success by creating the necessary technology customized to the needs of our clients. We're always alert to new ways to enhance the customer experience. We will continue to implement the absolute best in sorter technology, and, in fact, we’ve expanded to eight sorters, together capable of sorting 5,625,000 pieces per day.

In early 2014, Firebird undertook a transformation in the form of a new brand identity. Our new logo depicts our story of a firebird rising above the competition. Our color palette also tells a story: orange for "hospitality and friendliness," and blue for "loyalty and trust." Our employees exemplify those qualities every day, in their exceptional customer service.

Our mission

We'll continue to find new ways for our customers to achieve the lowest possible postage costs for their mail, while tightening the delivery window and allowing for tracing, tracking, and full accountability of quantities and costs.

We're flexible, we're smart, and we're easy to do business with. We're Firebird Presort.