Commingling Services

Not all commingling is the same!

There's basic commingling, and then there's data-enhanced commingling. Here's the difference:

Basic comminglers typically pick up mail from several mailers after it's been addressed and barcoded, but before the complicated, meticulous process of sorting, traying, palletizing, routing, and handling the piles of paperwork required to get a job in the mail.

But basic commingling has a few downsides. Once your job is combined with other mailings, you can't undo the process. It's often described as "trying to unscramble an egg." And, since no detailed mail manifest goes along with a pickup to a basic commingler, there's no way to be sure that every piece belongs in that mailing. Even stray trays from another job, or an entirely incorrect mailing could be processed as part of the job.

Introducing data-enhanced full service commingling

At Firebird, we accept mailing data from you right up until the day we pick up your mail. Before processing the mail, we process the entire pool's attributes. Then, we design the perfect scheme for our sorters that day. This allows us to minimize the number of times it passes through our sorters. Then, we read each IMb, checking to be sure it's an approved piece for this mailing. If it doesn't belong, we kick it out.

But if it does belong, we'll know the exact location of that piece all the way to its final postal facility. This process allows us to "unscramble eggs" in emergency situations, spotting and pulling even a single piece from a pool at the last minute. It's like insurance—you don't appreciate it 'til you need it.

Once it arrives at USPS, we monitor when each piece is poised for delivery, so you can ramp up your call center or coordinate a follow-up email campaign.

Now THAT'S full service!

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