Pallet and Piece Traceability

Why would you even need pallet and piece traceability? When you or your customer has a question about delivery, that's when.

Let's say your job of 20,000 pieces got commingled with 60–100 other jobs for a total of 4 million pieces. When you need to know the status of YOUR job, do you want to wade through a delivery report of 4 million pieces? Probably not.

That's where Firebird can make a difference. Our process lets us know where the trays and pallets are in the delivery cycle. Once a pallet is inducted into the USPS facility, we could trace where the piece is, or utilize your current tracking software. Our delivery report will also show you information by job and by version. Traditional comminglers can't do this.

When there is a problem, you want information. That's why you want Firebird. No matter how small you are in the pool, you can get your own delivery report. It's the same reporting that you would have if you did not commingle.

When you need information and you need it NOW, you can count on Firebird.