Adam Trinh

Lead Technician & Front End Developer

Adam is our Bad News Guy. Let us explain: Adam is responsible for keeping our equipment running and in good repair. He manages the spare parts inventory, and is the liaison with our sorter manufacturer. If Adam sees a part wearing, he'll change it. Right then and there. If you're just beginning your shift and you see Adam heading your way, it's bad news 'cause you're going to have to wait. You might just say he's "timing-challenged!"

He's not all bad news, though. He's a talented front end developer, and designed the interface for this website. He was also instrumental in the final design of our new logo.

In his off-hours, you can find Adam tinkering with electronics, building custom computers for his friends, and making tech recommendations. He's also into music—Adam wrote the background music for Troy Clemmer's video game. If he had his own theme song, you'd hear a crazy electric guitar solo as he approaches you. Try not to run, he'll only take a minute and then will be on his way to discover exciting new gadgets.

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