Linda Oh

Director of Client Services

Linda has spent the past 20 years in the print and direct mail business. This Southern California native cut her teeth in sales support for a large World Color acquired printer, handling their major accounts. Then she joined a direct mail company, where she worked her way up to Project Manager and later, Customer Service Manager. “I thought the print business was crazy, but I soon discovered that the direct mail business is even crazier,” Linda notes.

Linda Oh will jump through flaming hoops for our clients. We've seen her do it! Seriously, some days she feels like the fire juggler in the circus. What she likes about her job at Firebird is the camaraderie and the "can-do" attitude of the entire team. Also, she works best under pressure, so she thrives in the hectic, ever-changing world of direct mail.

When she's not handling incendiary issues, Linda likes to crochet while listening to endless hours of audio books and play MMORPGs. And, while she's one of the smartest people we know, Linda has the worst sense of direction on the planet. She says it "could use some improvement." If she drives you to a function, be sure to take note of where the car is parked. Or better yet, drop a trail of breadcrumbs.

(609) 288-7265

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