Ray Clemmer

President and CEO

After realizing that he wasn't going to be a rock star in the 1980s, Ray Clemmer got down to business. Now, with almost 30 years in the direct mail industry, Ray is our token "Grey Guy," a necessary ingredient in every successful startup. He is our President, our CEO, our Grand Poobah. Ray is responsible for building and maintaining the incredible employee work environment necessary for delivering an exceptional customer experience. Ray is such a great guy, he pitches in when and where he is needed. You might see him picking up your mail, repairing the sorters, or pacing the floor ensuring everything is running smoothly. When you see him, just wave.

If Ray had time for a hobby, it would be playing the guitar. Because he is ALWAYS working, Ray's wife once taped his picture to the side of a milk carton with the caption, "Have You Seen Me?"

(856) 430-6622 ray@firebirdpresort.com

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