Teresa Martinez

Production Supervisor

Teresa is the nicest person we know... until she gets on the production floor. It's her job to make sure the sorters are running correctly and the jobs get in the right pool. Teresa works through any obstacles she encounters, helps build the outbound loads, and even fixes machines. She's TERRIFIC! She started in this business in 1998 before sorting was automated, so she knows what it's like to hand-sort a job—she cut her teeth on it.

Teresa is also TERRIFYING! Those who work for her are warned not to take her small stature for granted. She rules the production floor with a bark, a bite, and a big stick. Nothing happens without her permission. NOTHING.

When she's not lording over the production floor here at Firebird, she likes to sew at home, where she's working on her new "Small Women Rule" superhero cape. Despite five strapping boys and a darling infant girl, she swears she's not the Boss at home, but we're pretty sure she rules the roost!

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