Vince Acerbo


Vince holds our purse strings and counts our beans. He avenges circular excel formulas and sneers at mathematical errors. Vince is our Human Calculator. Want to know the square root of 100,638? Ask Vince. Need to convert Euros to USD? Forget Google, Vince is your guy.

He's not simply your average CFO. Vince is also in charge of our Human Resources, where he makes sure the company "gets the right people on the bus," which he asserts is an important ingredient for Firebird's rising success.

When Vince is not guarding our bottom line and working more hours than most human beings, he's busy with his family: a wife and five children. He says he can't remember all of their names, but he can quote any line from any Guy Movie (especially The Godfather) made prior to 1985. In a previous life, his name was probably Vinnie.

(609) 288-7262

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